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BSN MEDICAL Co-Plus® (7,5 cm X 6,3 m)

Flexible cohesive bandage

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Co-Plus® er selvheftende, men fester seg ikke til klær eller til pasienten. Dette gjør bandasjen stabil, og gir kompresjon med mindre traume for pasienten. Nåler eller clips er overflødig for å holde bandasjen på plass. Co-Plus® fleksible og selvheftende bandasje er enn kombinasjon av sterke nylon fibre og elastisk garn.

Co-Plus® adheres to itself, but not to the patient or clothing. This provides non-slip support and compression with less trauma for the patient. No pins or clips are required to hold the bandage in place. Co-Plus® flexible cohesive bandage is a combination of high strength nylon fibres and elastic yarns


Four layer bandaging system component - Layer 4

Retention of dressings

General support and compression of soft tissue injuries

Prophylaxis against sports injuries

Ideal for Veterinary use as does not stick to fur or hair

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