Kreuzspitze The name of the brand comes from the German name of Mount Cross. This impressive mountain 2490mslm the highest peak in the western Lagorai, a classic of mountaineering destination, reached every winter by the founders.

The story begins more than a decade ago when the famous ski mountaineering champion Mirko Mezzanotte instead proposes to Alessio Trentinaglia owner of the craft company, already known for the construction of parts for rally cars, to build the craft heel units lighter and performance for use in harsh alpine ski races.

Ongoing research and development has resulted in 2008 the collaboration of the engineer Terragnolo Bruno, mechanical engineer expert in materials, already ski mountaineering companion Alessio. This synergy and the experience in competitions provided by Mirko, have been designed and made other components and articles.

With the enthusiasm and passion for the sport, the company has now become a reference point for this wonderful sport enthusiasts.

The style and design of the product Kreuzspitze identify the brand for classic and minimalist clean lines and simplicity. Our designs, cured and minimal, put the performance and safety first.

"All those who participate in the production process of our company share a passion for mountains and snow and can not wait to experience it in your spare time"

The obsession with high quality standards drives us to continuously invest in cutting-edge tools, new machinery and upgrades for staff, with a focus on "Research & Development", to redefine and improve the technologies used and to provide a cutting-edge product.

Our creations, in Ergal, titanium, carbon and other aeronautical materials, over the past 10 years of our history accompany you and athletes of national and international level in the practice of ski mountaineering.

We can proudly say that our brand is one of the most popular in the sports / mountaineering Italian innovation.


Each item developed Kreuzspitze, before being put on the market, It is tested by several professional athletes and by the owners of the mountains Lagorai and Cima d'Asta where the company is located thirty.

Before packaging and distribution of each product is individually checked and tested to ensure its user the highest quality, reliability and durability.

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The Kreuzspitze binding for touring. Simple, rugged and lightweight, the new heel release system patented, allows adjustment of the front and side release. The tallonieniera has the quick adjustment slide series which...