Our Mission: Make the outdoors more accessible and rewarding by building exceptional products. 

Based in Flagstaff, AZ, high on the Colorado Plateau, with access to a wide range of outdoor activities and some of the most iconic landscapes in the U.S., Kahtoola (käh-too-lä), which means “directly” in Tibetan, is ideally situated to design and test outdoor gear.

The Kahtoola Traction System (now called KTS Crampon) was developed by hand in a small family workspace called “The Shop” in 1999 and set the direction of our company to develop outdoor products that matter. The KTS was the result of founder and owner Danny Giovale wanting to improve safety for snowy alpine approaches based on his personal experience climbing, and desire to create a product that would get people directly where they want to go and add a new level of security and performance to lightweight flexible footwear.

Now, a couple of decades later, and with a skilled team of associates dedicated to developing and servicing the growing but focused line of products, Kahtoola is dedicated more than ever to finding solutions we feel will make a difference to the end user so they can enjoy adventures in the most demanding conditions.

From the beginning, we also made a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, assuring any success we enjoy is shared by our communities both near and far. This brings us energy and makes the journey all a lot more fun.

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