Arctic Elite Sleeping Bag Inclusive 2 liners

A new standard in down equipment for serious long term use in sub-zero arctic conditions from Tundra.

The outside is seriously sub zero temperatures with a high wind chill, now you need equipment designed to cope and protect you. The Expedition Standard Range is fronted by the Arctic Elite Sleeping Bag with a vapour barrier liner, waterproof cover and 880 Euro, 1000 US Fill Power Ethical Down filling. Attention to detail includes a centre zip, waterproof hood liner, extra wide, large scarf like neck baffle.

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The Arctic Elite sleeping bag is our brand new centre zip down sleeping bag, designed for serious long term use in sub-zero Arctic climates. Reviewed by internationally respected explorers and national training centres it tracted the opinion that is was the best sleeping bag for long term polar work.

The 880 Fill Power (Euro Standard) ethical down filled sleeping bag can be purchased alone with simple compression bag or as a complete kit including a vapour barrier liner, waterproof cover and grab bag for easy storage.




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The hood is lined with waterproof fabric and the neck collar is a wide scarf style for extra warmth.

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The bag has been designed such that an average sized person can fit inside comfortably wearing our Expedition Standard Jacket.

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The waterproof liner, waterproof cover and waterproof hood stops the down from getting damp.

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The Vapour Barrier liner fits under the neck collar and stops moisture getting into the down. Above the neck collar is waterproof fabric.

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When in a tent for some time in sub-zero conditions ice will fall off the roof of the inside of your tent onto your sleeping bag. It then melts, dampening the down filling which prevents the lofting that provides warmth. Our waterproof cover stops this happening by keeping your sleeping bag dry.

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The Expedition Standard Grab Bag makes the Arctic Elite Sleeping Bag easy to pack and transport in sub-zero conditions.

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